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Boccardi Giulio was born in Trento on 10 January 1997. City where he grew up and studied until he got his high school diploma, with a specialization in Graphics and Communication. Already during this period he comes in contact with the camera, a medium that immediately fascinates him, leading him to various artistic and professional works parallel to the last years of high school attendance. In 2017 photography leads him to move to Brescia, becoming the subject of his university studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. In parallel he continues to work, both as a freelancer and as the author of his artistic research, which keep him engaged in various exhibitions in the city, including the Brescia Photo Festival. Once he graduated he decides to return to Trento, keeping all his passion alive. Here he continues with his profession as a well-rounded photographer: he dedicates himself to commercial and, above all, artistic works, experimenting new techniques reaching a multidisciplinary approach. From 2020 he decides to open a direct dialogue with the city and becomes vice-president of the “Giovani Arte e Sport” association, opening a shared space hosting various exhibitions of local emerging artists.

Giulio Boccardi

Visual artist / Photographer

P. IVA 02631780224

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